KORG Monotron Duo

2012-05-16 19:06:54 by AuruxBlu

Just got the KORG Monotron Dou n' I am having a blast. I don't have anything bad to say about it. It is pretty powerful for how small it is so don't be fooled by the size. The only downfall to it is the fact that it takes batteries but even so, I still love it. The two oscillators produces a rich sound and it includes the MS-20 filter which is another favorite feature of mine. I will be using this in my production for sures.


I have released Cloud City on my soundcloud as a free download. I had plans to get it signed, but in the end I decided to let everyone have it for free as my token of appreciation for all the support you guys give me.

Download link below

Cloud City (Full) Free Download

KORG Monotron Duo


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2012-05-17 16:55:19

oooh, 6 minutes of convoluted trance. I've done nothing to deserve this wonderful gift, thank you!

AuruxBlu responds:

ah but you have, I have noticed you quite a bit. XD


2012-06-26 15:46:57

Once again - amazed at cloud city - new fan.

AuruxBlu responds:

Thanks for the support. Glad you enjoyed it!